HPT Tub Body Line - HPT-B1 & HPT-B2 Heavy Duty Dump Bodies

HPT-B2 Dump Body


HPT-B1 Tub Body
HPT-B2 Dump Body
HPT-B2 Dump Body
DuraClass HPT-B1, “the TUB” body
HPT-B1 Dump Body shown with 1/2 cab shield, inside steps and fold down driver’s side ladder, aluminum side boards, spill apron and telescopic hoist.
DuraClass Heavy Duty bodies come with full depth corner posts and enclosed tailgate hardware, another premium feature you won’t find anywhere else in the industry.
Greaseable rear hinges have the widest bearing surface and largest pin diameter in the industry.


DuraClass HPT-B1 and HPT-B2, “the TUB” bodies, are lightweight champs in a heavyweight world. A semi-elliptical body using high tensile steels, crossmemberless understructure, and a body sidewall without extra bracing add up to an exceptional payload-to-weight ratio. The rounded floor and low center of gravity give it the strength and stability for heavy hauling. Loads are discharged cleanly from the curved body shell.