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The DuraClass HPT is the undisputed workhorse for those who haul for a living. HPT delivers more payload on the job and more profit to your bottom line.

With 4 models to choose from, each engineered for success, the HPT is the industry benchmark for durability, productivity, and resale value at trade-in time. All models are available in carbon and stainless steel to fit your applications!

The original DuraClass HPT body features interlaced understructure, vertical side braces, fully-enclosed, full-depth corner posts and enclosed tailgate hardware.

The DuraClass HPT-316 dump body features clean horizontal side braces. Deep flanged longmembers eliminate the need for crossmembers, and as a result, the 316 is easier to keep clean in harsh environments where slush and salt buildup take their toll on hard working equipment.

DuraClass HPT-B1 and HPT-B2, “the TUB” bodies, are lightweight champs in a heavyweight world. These semi-elliptical bodies feature a crossmember-less understructure, a body sidewall without extra bracing, and two different fender styles (HPT-B1 features a closed fender; HPT-B2 features an open fender). The rounded floor and low center of gravity give these bodies the strength and stability for heavy hauling. Loads are discharged cleanly from the curved body shell.

All Heavy Duty DuraClass Dump Bodies utilize high-tensile, minimum 45,000 psi steel, for superior strength and lighter body weight than comparable models. Additional ultra high-tensile, abrasion resistant and stainless steel options are available.

HPT Features & Benefits

  • Materials
    • 10 ga. HiTen
    • Available in Stainless Steel
  • Specifications
    • Lengths: 13′-17′ in 1′ increments
    • Capacity: 10-14 cu.yds.
    • Weight: 3746-4760 lbs
    • Interlaced understructure
  • Features & Options
    • Custom side and tailgate heights
    • Custom Body bracing

HPT-316 Features & Benefits

  • Materials
    • 3/16″ Floor and rear
    • 10 ga sides & front
    • Available in Stainless Steel
  • Specifications
    • Lengths: 14′ – 18′ in 1′ increments
    • Capcity: 12-29 cu yds.
    • Weight: 4412-5160 lbs.
    • Western style crossmember-less understructure
  • Features & Options
    • Custom side & tailgate heights
    • Custom body bracing

HPT-B1 & HPT-B2 Features & Benefits

  • Materials
    • 3/16″ Hi-tensile steel
    • Available in Stainless Steel
  • Specifications
    • Body Style: Semi-elliptical, tub style
    • Lengths: 10′, 11′, and 14′-18′ in 1′ increments
    • Capacity: 6-20 cu yds
    • Weight: 2313-5600 lbs
    • Western style crossmember-less understructure
    • HPT-B1: 10″ trapezoidal longbeams with an elliptical, closed fender
    • HPT-B2: 10″ I beam longbeams with an elliptical, open fender
  • Features & Options
    • Custom side & tailgate heights No extra bracing added or needed
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