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The DuraTuff® LD by DuraClass® is built with versatility at its core. Engineered with industry-driven features and designed for ease of use, the DuraTuff® LD is your ideal partner for light-duty commercial applications. DuraClass’s redesigned adjustable cabshield features an innovative slot and tab design to easily fit different cab heights. Born to be TUFF, the DuraTuff® LD is a product you don’t want to miss!


  • 7ga Flooring
  • 10ga Front, rear, & sides


  • Lengths: 9’6″ or 11’6″
  • Side heights: 14″ or 18″
  • Rigid or folding sides
  • Crossmemberless understructure
  • Adjustable height cabshield

Features & Options

  • Tarp Hooks
  • Dirt-shedding top rails
  • Full-depth rear posts
  • LED light kit
  • Double-acting electric power unit
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