Options & Accessories

Options & Accessories

Customize your DuraClass Dump Body with options and accessories that fit your unique specifications and application.

Hy-Flo™ Twin Electric Power Unit

Hy-Flo™ Twin Electric Power Unit offers 3x the capacity of the standard electric double-acting unit.

DuraClass Patchgate

With an adjustable opening sliding or rotary sliding patch gate you can direct and spread asphalt, gravel, mulch and other material where you want it; often paired with a spreader apron.

High Lift Tailgate

A High Lift Tailgate reduces the chance of expensive damage that can occur when large rocks and other rip-rap bounces or gets caught up on a traditional tailgate while dumping.

Cab Shields

1/2, 3/4 and Full Cab Shields, Wind Deflector for tarp available as well.


Increase accessibility to your truck body with a rigid, slid-out or fold-down ladder.

LED Lights

Upgrade to LED lights for increased safety and lower the strain on your truck's electrical components.

Spill Apron

Rugged and durable 2 1/2" schedule 80 pipe lip or straight lip spill aprons available in various lengths specific to your needs.

Tarp Rods & Walk Rails

Tarp rods to fasten tarp on sides of body available in flat bar, round stock and rebar. Grip strut available for walk rail.

Vertical Side Braces

Exterior vertical braces add style and reinforce the sides and tailgate; which might otherwise bulge under the strain of heavy materials or rough use.